Digital programmable thermostats at Northgate


Those of you who attended our last annual meeting at Buzz Aldrin Elementary School may remember when talk centered on digital programmable thermostats. The discussion continued at the last board meeting and has resulted in the board recommending that Northgate begin transitioning from it's inefficient, analog, non-programmable thermostats, to newer, much more energy-efficient and accurate digital, programmable (and non-programmable) thermostats. We project some real cost savings from the purchase and correct use of these thermostats.

Energy Saving tips

In the last few years, Northgate has embarked on a program to reduce our energy usage. Notable among a number of improvements we implemented, was the replacement of the 15 year old insulation in the roofs with new, high R factor insulation and the replacement of the old single pane windows with brand new, highly energy-efficient windows.

In this section, we have collected a number of energy saving tips you can implement today to help keep us on the path to efficient utility usage and to ensure that we keep our fees from going up in the future.

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